Open World Darts Championship
among amateurs


with the main prize of 1 million US dollars

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WADC World Amateur Darts Championship, the first Open World Championship in Darts among Amateurs according to "HEROES"®  GEROI.FIT takes place online throughout the year, every year. This is the first and only at the moment World Championship in this format. All interested people participate, including partners and sponsors, without restrictions on age, a gender, or residence. A great combination of online and offline activities. The competition starts on January 7, 2019.

Participation in the Championship is free, with the exception of the registration fee.

Goals and Objectives of the Tournament:

  • Popularization of amateur sport and healthy lifestyle;

  • Motivation to win and sports excitement through sport to any activity;

  • Team building for corporate and friend companies;

  • Exclusive entertainment and a great memory story


  • The best in the world;

  • The best in the country;

  • The best in the city;

  • The best in the team (in the family, team, company);

  • The best (team, company) in your city;

  • The best team in the country;

  • The best team in the world.


  • The main prize is $ 1 million in the national currency of the Winner *;

  • Memorable Cups and Diplomas in nominations.


  • From the moment of publication and until the determination of the owner of the Main Prize.

  • For the entire duration of the competition - permanently updated Rating of Participants.

  • Results in nominations for each year.

Championship Financing:

  • Registration Fee, $1 ** from each participant;

  • Advertise with Google AdSence;

  • Sponsors. Become a Sponsor

Competition Organizer - Fitness Studios Franchise "HEROES"®  GEROI.FIT 

* condition - participation of at least 6 million people.

** 1 currency unit - 1 US dollar at the rate of national currency on the day of payment.

Where are the competition locations?

At home, in the office, at our partners. In addition to self-participation using your sports equipment, you can participate in the locations of our partners, see the map below. If your partner is not represented in your city,  e-mail us

Brief Competition Rules

  1. Sign up, pay Registration Fee and play.

  2. During the competition process, record your results on video and e-mail Youtube link  to us. Sample video is here.

  3. Compete further with your friends, colleagues, with your city residents, country and the whole world!


  • Automatically enter World Ranking! Fight for memorable diplomas, cups and the Main Prize!

  • Championship among amateurs, the participation of professional sportsmen in darts is not allowed.

  • The championship is held online, with self-registration and fixation of results by recording on video.

  • There are several rounds to complete victory and identify the champion with the main prize.

  • The First Round (Round I) takes place without time limit - any Participant can register, pay for the Registration Fee and take part.

  • In the second (Round II) round, only those who have passed the First Round take part, competitions are held at the designated date and time in the local time zone of the participant.

  • The organizers reserve the right to assign additional tours to identify the World Champion, as well as in other categories.



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